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The brochure contains information about Muscle Bound Bindery along with facts, tips, and specifications to get your books bound.

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Muscle Bound Bindery reaches agreement with HF Group and
Finish Line Binderies to serve customers' future book binding needs

As previously announced, Muscle Bound Bindery will permanently close operations at 4p CT on Friday, June 30, 2017. To help customers smoothly transition their bindery work to proven service providers, Muscle Bound Bindery has partnered with two leading companies, HF Group and Finish Line Binderies. Both are familiar with Muscle Bound Bindery’s service level expectations and have committed to providing a comparable customer experience. Upon request, the Muscle Bound Bindery front office team will provide introductory transition calls to either or both companies.


HF Group has a rich history in bookbinding services dating back nearly 200 years. HF Group produces premium-quality hardcover and softcover bindings for commercial printers, publishers, book designers, authors, museums, and galleries throughout the USA.

Your HF Group contacts are:

Jim Heckman, HF Group
Jim Heckman
Paul Parisi, HF Group
Paul Parisi


Finish Line Binderies and sister company BindTech are industry leaders in hardcover binding, adhesive binding and mechanical binding. The Finish Line family of companies is one of the largest trade binders in the country.

Your Finish Line Binderies contacts are:

John Helline, Finish Line Binderies
John Helline
Chad Dillon, Finish Line Binderies
Chad Dillon

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